Having sparkling pearly whites on your wedding day is something most brides and grooms are concerned about – after all, you’ll likely never have so many photos taken of you at one time (unless you’re a super model, in which case, you likely already have dazzling dental work so carry …

Saving for a wedding can be daunting, no doubt about it. If only there was a no-sweat way to automatically save money that could be used towards your wedding… Rejoice! For Acorns is here and is about to rock your money-saving world! Seriously, it cannot get any easier to save …

Whiskey sours are seemingly all the rage now and while bourbon isn’t my drink of choice, this one, from Self Proclaimed Foodie, is pretty delicious.  It has enough of a slight fruitiness to appeal to most palates without crossing over into the Land of Paper Umbrella Cocktails. But can we …

photo by A Brit & A Blonde The first dance marks your maiden voyage around the ballroom as husband and wife and officially kicks off the booty-shaking for the rest of the evening. Most grooms view this rite of passage with the same trepidation as a root canal – to …

Passionfruit pisco sour

Happy Friday! Time for another fab cocktail here at The Lazy Bride. We’re brightening up a rainy day with this Maracuya Pisco Sour, or, as I like to call it, Happiness in a Glass. Maracuya is Passionfruit in Spanish and Pisco is the famous alcohol from Peru and Chile that is a type of brandy. We’re doing a twist on the typical Pisco Sour by adding in passionfruit juice.

Maracuya Pisco Sour
1.5 pisco
1/2 oz Lime Juice
3/4 oz passion fruit puree
1oz simple syrup
1/2 egg white
*chili powder
In a mixing glass combine all the liquid ingredients and shake vigorously without ice for 10 seconds. Fill glass with ice and shake again for another 10 seconds. Double strain the mixture into a clean Coupe glass. Garnish with a dusting of chili powder.



American designer Isabelle Armstrong unveiled her latest collection of wedding dresses this week and there are some really stunning looks for fashion-forward brides here! Capped sleeves, intricate lace details, spectacular back stylings and layers of tulle.  Feminine, romantic yet with a distinct twist. Which is your favourite? Save Save  


The pocket square is a timeless classic and an absolute essential for any groom. Often you’ll find that the best man and ushers will be wearing very similar attire to the groom and so will often all have matching pocket squares. Traditionally this has been chosen based on matching with the selected tie or the particularly colour theme of the wedding but because the groom and friends tend to rent their suits together from the same place they often end up with a very unoriginal flat colour that offers very little extra.


Rampley & Co specialise in bringing that extra little touch to an outfit on the very biggest of occasions. They offer stunning patterns and original designs including works of art from some of the finest art galleries in the world. Speaking to their co-founder Elliott Rampley, it would appear that their most popular service for a wedding is adding something truly bespoke. This could be taking an original image close to the groom’s heart to print onto a material of their choice (silk is often the chosen fabric) or even getting details such as the date of the wedding hand embroidered onto the corner of the square. As Elliott said, ‘it’s often all about providing something so special and unique that the wedding party wants to hold onto it for years to come as a momento of the occasion, plus we even find clients continuing to use them on a day to day basis.

When planning a wedding you want every detail to be perfect and so why wouldn’t the outfit of the groom and his companions get the same level of attention?

Head over to the Rampley & Co site to find out all about how to fold a pocket square when it comes to that special day!

* this has been a guest post by Rampley & Co. Thanks so much for contributing to The Lazy Bride! Selby's-Flycatcher-Bird-Audubon-Pocket-Square-Fold-1






Honey Kissed Rosemary(1)

Happy Friday, Lazy Brides!

Today we have a real treat, as our friend Angela Price is sharing with us a recipe from her new book Grow. Snip. Shake. Sip: Crafting a Cocktail Garden. A book showing you how to grown a garden for fabulous libations?! I’ll go grab my gardening gloves and prep the cocktail shaker…

Side note – what a great gift this would be paired with cute gardening gloves, some sweet gardening tools, a monogrammed cocktail shaker and martini glasses. Say, to give to your bridesmaids whilst enjoying a cocktail party trying out a few of these recipes (how’s that for a creative bridesmaid luncheon. You’re welcome).

Honey Kissed Rosemary

1 1/2 oz. honey bourbon
1 sprig rosemary
4 oz. dry ginger ale

Pull a few leaves from the bottom of the rosemary sprig and rub them around the rim of an old fashioned glass. Discard the leaves. Add ice to the glass and pour in the honey bourbon, ginger ale, and a squirt of lemon juice. Pop the rest of the rosemary sprig into the glass and use it to stir the drink. Makes one.


Copyright 2016 by Angela Price




Lights with plastic chairs

I ran across this photo today. The setting with the lights is absolutely gorgeous! The lights, the garland-type chandeliers, the woodland setting…beautiful!

But what do we see a ton of? Those icky plastic chairs. Ugh! They take away from the overall magic of this forest wonderland. The basic white linens are workable but those chairs…

And here lies my point. When you walk into a reception space, the first thing you see en masse are chairs. There are more chairs than tables or floral arrangements. And no matter how lovely the decor or lighting or tablecloths – the first thing you notice are the plastic chairs.

Plasti chairs 2


Plastic folding chairs


Here’s my two cents – I’d forgo the chair ties and rent the nicer chairs. Even cut back a bit on the florals but rent the nicer chairs as they will give your space more impact. Case in point – these receptions didn’t have better linens than the others or much in florals or fancy lighting but the chairs make it look very modern and put together:

Plastic chairs

Ghost chairs


So here’s my tip – spend a bit more on the chairs, forego the sashes or chair ties or spending more on lighting, and the visual impact will pay off in spades.


Weddings today have a whole new area of planning that wasn’t a consideration until a few years ago – to plug in or unplug. Do you want guests to embrace social media at your wedding or do you want your ceremony to be techno-gear free? This handy chart, courtesy of Peter Edwards Photography in Perth, Australia, will help you in deciding which route to go and how to let your guests know.

Peter Edwards IGSocial_Media_Vs_Unplugged_WeddingsI