15 Wedding Day Beauty Hacks

Hey Lazy Bride, are you ready for your close up? Your wedding day is all about you (really and truly) so prepare yourself to be the focus of a gazillion photos. In our ongoing endeavors to help brides stay lazy and happy, our team of intrepid researchers has compiled the following list of  15 beauty hacks to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

15 wedding day beauty hacks, wedding day beauty tips, wedding day beauty tricks

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  1. Be Sweet to your Feet –  What bride doesn’t love a great pair of shoes? But those Jimmy Choos aren’t exactly comfy and no amount of breaking  them in can alleviate the pain of high heels. Check out Foot Petals, made of a a high-performance urethane called PORON® (used by NASA!) which has all the right properties, such as repelling moisture, bacteria, and odor yet is resilient enough to offer long- lasting shock absorption. These products cushion the ball-of-the-foot, help with slipping heels, lack of arch support, sore spots and other shoe and fit issues. How helpful are they? Well, they’ve been endorsed by the  American Podiatric Medical Association, who know a thing or two about feet.


2. No Pain, You Gain – While we’re discussing feet, another hack for wearing your Louboutins all night is to use Sole Serum which deadens the pain caused by high heels. Small enough to tuck into your clutch, it’s a blend of lidocaine and essential oils which targets nerve-ending pain and alleviates swelling. And it smells like peppermint!3. Have Dress, Will Travel – If you’re flying with your wedding dress, DO NOT PUT IT IN CHECKED BAGGAGE. We had a couple fly from Greenland to Costa Rica and their luggage was MIA for two weeks. The bride bought a sundress from a roadside vendor the day before the wedding. Unfortunately, the days of the air crew lovingly hanging your dress in First Class’ closet are long gone. My suggestion is to purchase a dress box that fits into the overhead bin, like this one from Hangerworld. Bonus – they double-duty as a storage unit for your gown after the wedding.

4. Sweat-Proof Your Makeup – A good primer, before applying your foundation, is the key to keeping your makeup put despite the heat or nerves.
5. Pearly Whites – Want super white teeth without spending a fortune? I swear by My Magic Mud Tooth Powder as this stuff works, despite my love of coffee and red wine. It’s a bit messy (it is a loose powder, afterall) but you only need to use it before bed. Totally worth the effort! I have very sensitive teeth and cannot use the chemical products on the market. This is an all-natural product, containing activated coconut shell charcoal, mint, and orange extract powder so I’ve had zero issues with sensitivity. Highly recommended!
6. Dress for (budget) Success – Being engaged usually requires a great deal of celebration, with engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid’s luncheon, bachelorette party and perhaps a post-wedding brunch. Whew! And every one of those parties means another pretty frock, which means an unexpected hit to you budget.  Why not rent instead? Rent the Runway has a ton of stunning designer threads appropriate for every one of your events. Starting at around $40 a dress, it’s a super smart way to look fantabulous without spending a fortune and it’s a great option for mother’s of the bride/groom as well as your bridesmaids. You can sign up for a flat rate monthly subscription (which you can cancel any time) for an unlimited number of dresses and accessories (your best option if you have the bulk of your events within a 30 day period). We even have a coupon for your first order! $25 Off First Order From Rent the Runway of $75 Or More


7. Gone with the Wind – To stop your veil from flying away in the breeze, attach a few veil weights to it, like these from David Tutera.


bride with pink lipstick, beautiful bride, pink lipstick on bride

A Brit & a Blonde

8. Banish the Beige – While beige is a fine color in lipstick for every day wear, it will wash you out in photos. Choose a more flattering tone with more color.

9. Lips for Days – Before applying your lipstick, pat concealer on your lips first. Doing so helps your lipstick stay in place for hours.
10. Stop That Sinking Feeling – High heels and lawns aren’t mixy. Throw a pair of Sole Mates onto your spikes and voila! No more sinking!

11. Stay Dry – Sprinkle a bit of Kama Sutra Honey Dust on before getting dressed. The corn starch will help keep you dry while the honey dust with shimmering mica adds a deluxe touch to your skin.


12. Adieu to Puffy Eyes – If your eyes are looking a bit puffy, place two spoons in the freezer for a few minutes, then lie down and put them on your eyes. The cold will constrict the blood vessels and reduce the swelling. Another trick is to soak black tea bags in warm water then place in the fridge for 30 minutes. Lie down with them on your eyes for 5 minutes and the caffeine will work it’s anti-swelling magic.

13. Stop Chafing – No one’s got time for sweaty inner thighs rubbing together for hours on end. Ouch! Apply Body Glide, an invisible balm favored by runners, and say ciao to chafing! Also works great on your feet to prevent blisters from your shoes.


14. Bikini Bingo – Super easy way to avoid those nasty in-grown hairs around the bikini area is to pass an unscented stick deodorant over the area.
15. Start Making Scents – This hack is so simple, it’s genius! Rub a bit of petroleum jelly on your pulse points before you apply your perfume. The jelly acts like a barrier so your skin doesn’t absorb the perfume so your fragrance keeps smelling sweet for hours.

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