5 Days, $5K* – Free Tips to Save Big Bucks !

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So, you’re planning your wedding. How’s that going?

Suffering from a bit of sticker shock, I’m sure. It’s normal as hey! how many times have you thrown an all-day party for a ton of people? There’s a gazillion details to a wedding and every one of them has a hefty price tag, it seems. Not an easy task to figure out where to spend the money, where you might be able to save money and then stressing if you’ve made a major money mistake. It’s enough to make even the laziest bride reach for a double-martini!

Put down the Tanqueray –  help is on the way!!

We’re running a FREE mini-course over the next 5 days. Each day, you’ll receive one simple tip that can save you a ton of money on your wedding. While we cannot guarantee how much money you’ll save, it’s possible to see $5,000 or more in savings. Really. Best of all is that it only takes a  few minutes a day. Such a small investment of time for a return of BIG savings!

Over five days, we’ll be covering various areas of the budget (even honeymoon planning) so no matter where you’re at in the wedding planning process, you’ll find helpful money-saving advice hitting your Inbox. One small change at your bar, for example, might save you $1500.

Ready to rescue your wedding budget? Sign up here and we’ll throw you a money-saving lifeline!


5 Days, $5K*

Simple ways to save big bucks on your wedding.

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