Acorns – the Ultimate Lazy Saving Tool


Saving for a wedding can be daunting, no doubt about it. If only there was a no-sweat way to automatically save money that could be used towards your wedding…

Rejoice! For Acorns is here and is about to rock your money-saving world! Seriously, it cannot get any easier to save greenbacks. How simple? Check this out:

  1. Sign up, connect your cards and set up an investment profile with one of Acorns’ specialists. Fees are a measly $1 a month. If you’re a student with an .edu email account, it’s free for 4 years.
  2. Go about your normal life. Each time you buy anything, Acorns will automatically round up to the next dollar amount and invest the difference.
  3. Sit back and watch your account grow.

If you shop at one of the Found Money brands, you’ll receive even more bang for your investment buck.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier or lazier than this! Savings and investment on autopilot.


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