Bathroom Baskets Part 2 – Smells Go Poof!

I posted about bathroom baskets last week and am now adding an addendum – Poof. This amazing product eliminates 98% of 'bathroom stinkies' (you all know what I'm talking about). Simply put a few drops into the toilet water before you do you business and voila – smells be gone! A light, mint scent is released and you and your guests enjoy privacy and anonymity. And making your guests feel comfortable is what a good hostess does, no? 

Rather than mask smells by layering on other artificial smells (and by the way, do you know how bad those bathroom sprays are for your respiratory system??), Poof goes right to the source and neutralizes the odor.

Consider placing a bottle of Poof at each toilet for your wedding. It's a small thing but everyone will certainly appreciate the courtesy. A bottle holds about 400 drops and is only $10. 

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