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Happy New Year everyone! With the start of a new decade, I'm sure lots of you have wonderful resolutions to make this year a fabulous one. After all the turmoil the last year saw, a sense of renewed hope seems to be lifting everyone's spirits and (to paraphrase the Black Eye Peas) I gotta feeling that this year's gonna be a good good year.

And this got me thinking about the possibilities available for brides to make a difference to their community and the world. There are about 2.16 million weddings to take place in the United States this year, from simple exchanges of vows at City Hall to million-dollar blow out bashes and everything in-between. 

What if every couple did something to help the community? Something as simple as having the flowers delivered to women's shelter or making a donation to a non-profit group in lieu of favours or choosing to purchase the wedding cake from a small local business over a big box store. Small steps and one's that don't cost much, if anything. But imagine if even half the couples marrying consciously decided to make a difference through their wedding. 

Wow. That's a million people making a decision to help others.

So, here's my big idea. What if brides (like you) make a commitment to do something to help the community via their wedding. Whether it's making sure all the bottles are recycled from the reception or giving locally made thank-you gifts or purchasing your invites from an independent artisan…whatever, these small actions create a ripple effect. We could call it  the Brides Care Challenge and have a site where brides can post what they're committing to. It would also be a  place to find ideas to give back to the community.

Lazy Brides, what do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you think this is a good idea, I'll get the site set up.

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