The mere mention of the word is enough to strike fear into the hearts of bridesmaids, grooms and wedding planners everywhere. Although a Bridezilla is not technically a 30-foot tall lizard breathing fire, wearing a veil and trashing Tokyo, she just seems like it. Personally, I think the word is a fun euphemism for a 'b' (insert proper name of a female dog). It's a bride who takes the 'the day is all about me' to extremes. It's a bride who has forgotten that a wedding is a one-day celebration of the marriage, a celebration with family and friends. It's a bride who has lost all sense of decorum and manners. It's a bride acting like a selfish brat. And it's not befitting even the laziest bride (not that any of you, dear readers, would ever morph into this creature).

What's fascinating is to watch these women who are pround of being a Bridezilla. And it's not just reserved for the brides as there are Groomzillas as well. Amazingly, there are scores of Bridezillas who are eager to show off to the world just how rude/mean/thoughtless/selfish/ugly they can be. Yes, there is a show calledBridezillas on WE tv, Sundays at 9 PM. Just watching the episode previews (they are addictive, you've been warned) is enough to make your jaw drop at the antics these women get up to.

Like the bride who buys her bridesmaid a dress in a bigger size and gives it to her after saying she's noticed she'd gained weight. Or the bride who freaked out because her stretch limo Hummer was silver, not white (just the fact she wanted a stretch Hummer hurts my head). Or the bride who was ticked off at the saleswoman at the jewelery store so she made her show her 50 rings, just to be sure the poor girl would lose out on sales with other clients. Or the Groomzilla who snuck in on his fiance's bachlorette party and then read her the riot act for having strippers there. Fascinating. 

And if you want more horror stories (like the bride who smashed the melon bowls her father had carved for the reception and made her family, including her parents, the waitstaff and cooks since she didn't hire catering staff) check out Etiquette Hell. You don't know if you should laugh or cry…

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