Ceremony Decor? Flower Umbrellas!

Flower umbrellas
Walking through Manhattan one chilly, wet February day, my mood was lifted when I spied these brilliant red 'umbrellas' out of flowers, proudly standing outside a florist's shop. They were so jolly and bright, with their ribbons blowing in the breeze, and my damp mood was instantly lifted. I think the florist took their cue from Balinese wedding canopies, which are similar in shape but made out of beautiful fabrics.

It's a crummy photo taken with my iPhone (testament to why I am a planner, NOT a photographer) but I think you get the idea. I imagine these for a sunny wedding out of doors, be it on a beach or a garden or a huge meadow, with a few flowers around the base.

Where have you found wedding inspiration in unexpected places?

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  1. Very beautiful! I love things that brighten up a gloomy, rainy day…kind of like the super bright fall colored trees outside my window right now – one is bright red, one bright orange and the other bright yellow – on this very cloudy day, they just cheer it up with loveliness! 😉

  2. I think you could even simplify this idea. Just ribbons blowing in the breeze invites a gentle, yet uplifting emotion. You could also use feathers or grasses to embelish. Glad you took the photo, definitely worth sharing!

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