Do You Really Need Champagne for a Toast?

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There’s one question I hear over and over from couples – do they really have to serve champagne for the toast at the wedding reception?

Short answer…no.

Nowhere is it decreed that ‘thou shalt serve bubbly at thy wedding’. Seriously, you don’t need to fork out extra money for champagne (the real stuff from Champagne, France which is pricey) or sparkling wine (same process but usually cheaper). I find the majority of people don’t like it so they will have one sip when they toast and not touch the rest in the glass. Literally, that’s money being poured down the drain.

From an etiquette perspective, you can toast with anything you’re drinking, be it wine, soda, water…whatever is wet and in a glass.

So there you have it, dear Lazy Brides, save yourself some money and ditch the champagne or bubbly if you’re not a fan.

And one final etiquette note – when you are the toastee (the person being toasted) do not stand, raise your glass or drink. Simply smile graciously and remain seated.

Photo by A Bride & A Blonde


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