Choosing Your Wedding Location – House


This was a house wedding that went all out, with a dance floor, lighting and fireworks. 

Where you have your wedding will definitely have a major impact on your budget so be sure to choose carefully, taking all the additional costs (such as site fees, rental items, overtime charges) into account. We’ve already explored hosting your celebration at a restaurant , a unique location (such as a zoo or library) and at a hotel so today we’re looking at having your wedding location at a house.

At first glance, hosting your wedding in your home (or any home) seems like a no-brainer to save money. Think again. A house is not equipped to handle a large group of people at one time. Things like bathrooms (you may need to rent Port-a-Potties), dance floor, tent, tables, chairs, even glassware and dinnerware (depending on your caterer) all have to be rented. You’ll likely need to spend extra money on the landscaping, to ensure your gardens are looking picture perfect. Parking is another consideration and you may need to get a permit from your city or municipality to host your event (and will definitely need to let the neighbours know ahead of time, and be really really nice to them).

And you won’t be able to party late into the night (unless you’re at a country home in the middle of nowhere) since you want to avoid the police showing up at your door.

Planning on having a band or lighting? You’ll need to see if your electrical system can handle it and may need to rent a generator (ka-ching).

Catering isn’t necessarily cheaper than having a dinner at a restaurant or hotel. And how big is the kitchen? Depending on the size of the wedding and meal being served,  you may have to set up a separate kitchen tent.

If you’re having a small, more casual get together, a house wedding may be perfect for you and a big money saver as well. But for a larger, more elaborate event, be sure to take all costs into consideration BEFORE you make any decisions as you could end up paying a lot more than if you’d held it at a hotel.

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