Cocktail Friday – Arnold Palmer

I was researching fun, non-alcoholic cocktails for this weekend's wedding and found this one, named after the golf great, Arnold Palmer. Easy, deeeelish and it'll keep you shooting straight. If you want to spike it, throw in a shot of vodka.  Either way, it's a major 'yum'!

Arnold Palmer cocktail photo

Arnold Palmer

part iced tea

part lemonade

to taste

lemon, mint, or a slice of kiwi

iced tea (sweetened or not) and lemonade over ice; stir and garnish. For a
fancier presentation, pour the lemonade over ice first, then slowly add the
iced tea and they will stay in somewhat separate layers. You may also want to muddle a bit of mint in the bottom of the glass first before pouring in the liquids for an unexpected flavour punch.


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  1. Having previously been a waitress, I was always surprised at how many people didn’t know what an Arnold Palmer was! Thanks for the post! More people need to know!

  2. Well, for me it’s better to drink an iced tea than alcoholic drinks when I am in a cocktail party. But it’s better if you put in some mixture in your tea like what you did. Thanks!

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