Cocktail Friday – Black and Gold Martini

Yes, you read that right – a black and gold martini. How chic and unusual, no? It's like a James Bond movie  or an Ann Rice novel in a glass. And the name of the vodka, Blavod,  sounds like some exotic character up to no good –  ("James, you must save the world from Blavod's evil minions of Siamese kittens" or "Count Blavod, we meet again"). But I digress (it's Friday, afterall).

Imagine the oohs and aahs when a tray of these are passed about at an evening soiree. The Goldshlager gives it a nice cinnamon kick while the gold flakes add bling appeal. Cheers!
Black & Gold martini Black & Gold
2 oz Blavod vodka
1 oz Goldschlager

Place Blavod into cocktail shaker with ice. Shake, strain into glass and top with Goldshlager. Enjoy!

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