Cocktail Friday – Lollipop ‘n Tonic

One of my clients is famous for always having a ChupaChup lollipop popped in her mouth. Thinking about what would be a great signature cocktail for her beach wedding, I thought about using ChupaChups as stir sticks in a gin and tonic. The sugary sweetness is a nice contrast to the tartness of the gin and tonic (a very refreshing drink for a tropical beach setting). A lollipop submerged into a drink makes for a great visual and is a lot of fun to drink (eat?). Should make for some great photo ops! For added points, choose lollipops in your wedding colours. Great fun and easy on the pocketbook to boot 😉

Lollipop cocktail photo

Gin & Tonic

4 – 5 ices cubes made with tonic water 

3 oz gin

4 oz tonic water

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

lollipop of choice for stir stick

Place ice cubes in glass. Add gin, then tonic, then juice. Stir with lollipop. Enjoy!

Recipe from Food Network, photo Real Simple

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