Cocktail Friday – Obama Slammer

Happy Friday all! Although I am Canadian, I nonetheless wanted to celebrate the incredible US elections this week. Congratulations to each and every American who braved those incredibly long lineups to cast their vote. It's truly inspiring to see an entire nation galvanized into action and swelling with so much civic pride. No matter whom you voted for, you should all be very proud as it was an election of historic proportions and inspiring to all nations. 
This red, white and blue shooter is as patriotic as a Fourth of July picnic, complete with lemonade, hot dogs and a football game. In honor of the landslide win of the new president-elect, I've named it an "Obama Slammer" (he did not, however, approve this message). Cheers!
Obama Slammer

Obama Slammer
2 tsp Blue Curacao
3 tsp Cherry Liquer
1 oz   Gin
2 tsp  lemon juice
Fill a shaker half-full with ice cubes. Pour in all ingredients and shake well. Strain into a shooter glass and serve. 

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