Colour Lovers, Unite!

Flummoxed by colour choices? Does your head do a Linda Blair at the mere mention of 'complimenting hues'? Fear not, dear Lazy Bride, for help is at hand. Colour Lovers is a great site where you can find thousands of colour palettes and designs created by super talented folks eager to share their creative wealth. 

Here you'll find colour combos you've never dreamed of. And (if so inclined) you can create your own and share them with the rest of the colour-loving community. It's a great place to stop by and find inspiration beyond 'Tiffany Blue with Chocolate Brown'. How about this little number entitled KissMyHeartShaped*? Gotta love a pattern with sass. Tres fun! And you have to adore a site that spells colour with the Queen's English (being a Canadian who's endured years of harsh spelling bees,'color' grieves me so). 
Lake Scape

Dig in, be inspired and find a palette that makes your wedding truly unique.

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