Dear Lazy Susan

Dear Lazy Susan

I’m as lazy a bride as you can get so imagine how relieved I was to find this company that will write all the thank you cards for you! All you do is send the list with the guests’ name, gifts and addresses and they do the rest. While I love getting the gifts, that’s a lot of thank you cards to write and really, I’m too lazy (who isn’t). No one will know the difference, right?


Ghost Writer

Dear Ghost Writer

Tempting as it may be, even the laziest bride must write her own thank you cards. Nothing’s for free in this world, kiddo, so think of the thank you card as the cosmic balancing of the scales for the money/time/effort spent on getting you those gifts. Turn the tables for a second – if you’d just coughed up the dough for a duvet for the happy couple, how happy would you be to find out they couldn’t be bothered to thank you personally? Nobody likes an ingrate so don’t be one.

So how does the lazy bride cope with the seemingly thankless task of thank you card writing? Break it down – soon as you receive a gift, write the card and send it! If you receive a number of gifts all at once, do only five cards per day. Get the hubby involved and have him write the cards for his relatives and friends and you just sign your name (and vice versa).

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