Finding Your Wedding Color Palette

One of the most difficult tasks for a bride is to decide what the wedding color palette should be. What is the main color? Accent colors? How many colors should there be? So many choices it's easy to throw up your hands and go with all white.

Fear not, dear bride. It's easier than you might think. First, choose what you want as the predominant color, the shade that will take 'center stage' for ink colors or in the linens, flowers, etc. This wedding, for example, used light aqua as it's main color, with cream, orange and mahogany as complementary colors. The orange was used sparingly, so that it gave a 'pop' of color against the soothing palette:

Orchid and cala, blue & white table arrangements
 photo by Mark-Brian Photography


Then, decide what the 'supporting' or complementary colors will be. Do you want a monochromatic scheme, playing with different tones of the same color? Utilizing textures helps pull this look off, as it can become 'flat' if there isn't enough visual interest offered up. Martha Stewart Weddings has a lovely example of a monochromatic white wedding, expertly playing with tones and textures, making it beautiful, not boring.

Martha Stewart White Wedding

Or play with complementary colors, to give a pop of color. Color Scheme Designer 3 features a color wheel from which you can create an endless combination of colors.

Color scheme

My suggestion is to keep it to no more than seven colors, with some of those being tones as well as subtle accent colors such as white or cream or metallics. For example, this color scheme features tones of blue, sand, white, cream and a light pink as a highlight to 'pop' against the rest of the light colors.


My favourite 'go-to' place for color ideas is the Perfect Palette blog, which is chock full of amazing color cominbations as well as inspiration boards. I love this combo of poppy red, sunshine yellow and white – so cheery!

Perfect palette

While the possibilities are seemingly endless, breaking down how you want your wedding to look will help you narrow down what color direction to go. And with these tools at your fingertips, finding the perfect palette is easier than ever. Have fun!

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