Friday Cocktail – Italian Hallowe’en Punch

Happy Hallowe'en! OK OK, so Hallowe'en and weddings don't necessarily match (although there are those dress up weddings) but I thought we should honor the fun and festivities of the day. Although 'Italy' doesn't usually spring to mind when thinking Hallowe'en, this drink lends a sophisticated twist and would be perfectly at home at a fall wedding, with lots of orange tones.

Italian Hallowe'en Punch

photo credit Food Network

Italian Hallowe'en Punch

2 cups orange juice
2 cups chilled sparkling water (San Pelligrino is a fave)
1/2 cup Maraschino liquer
1/4 cup Limoncello
Black licorice for garnish

Combine all the ingredients (except for licorice) in a pitcher. Mix. Pour into glasses, garnish with a stalk of licorice and enjoy!

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