Go With the Flow

Sorry for the delay in posting – not that I’ve been lazy (well, maybe a bit) but was away at a wedding (August 8,2008 was a VERY popular day for ceremonies worldwide). And what luck we had! Despite having a tropical storm blow through the day before (yikes!), Friday was sunny and hot! So hot that right after the wedding ceremony on the beach, everyone made a B-line for the guy with the ice-cream cart (smart business man – saw an opportunity opening up and took it). Amidst dripping popsicles, we started the formal photo session.

And the bride and groom didn’t bat an eye. They went with the flow. So what the flower girl had Orangesicle stains all over her little white dress? She was happy. And what a great photo op!

The couple had also provided a bartender serving cold bottled water, fresh juices, wine and beer for their guests’ comfort. A great planning note here -if you’re having an outdoor wedding and it’s hot, do provide something to drink to help stave off dehydration or overheating. Unfortunately,even with this precaution, the groom’s brother had to have an emergency IV drip during the reception due to heat stroke. Again, the couple took it all in stride. They continued with the reception, ensuring the rest of their guests were enjoying themselves.

The lesson I’d like to share here – Life Happens. Even on your wedding day. No matter how much you may try and plan, you do not have complete control over the Universe and it’s unrealistic to set your expectations as such. The happiest brides I’ve met are the ones who have let loose and gone with the flow. Magic happens when you least expect it and some of the most memorable moments at weddings have been the unplanned ones.

After you’ve done all of your final checks and rechecks, it’s time to relax and trust that everything will be as it should. Doing so will ensure that you actually have time to enjoy your wedding day, rather than fretting over any little thing that isn’t ‘perfect’. Thanks again to Andrea and Martin for imbuing your day with such a relaxed, chill vibe as it set the tone for a truly enjoyable day.

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