Guest Post – Personalized Wedding Songs

So, being lazy and all, I've invited some guest bloggers this week and I'm super excited! Gives us different voices and some wonderfully unique info as well here. 

First up we have Mike O'Hara from across The Pond (that's England) and he specializes in writing personalized songs. How cool is that? He and his partner over at Song Builders write personalized music and lyrics for clients, which they then professionally perform and record. What a great surprise! I'll let Mike explain it better…

So you've set the date, the plans for the wedding are taking shape and everything is looking good for your special day. But there's one very important thing you still need to do and that's choose a really special gift for your hubby-to-be. You want to give him something personal and meaningful to the two of you, a gift he will never forget. But what do you buy for the man who has everything? (After all, he's got you hasn't he?!)

Two guys from Kent, UK have come up with a wonderfully unique answer to that question. Rich and Mike, The SongBuilders, are a pair of songwriters who can take your thoughts, memories, dreams and aspirations, and magically weave them into a unique song, custom written for the man you love. With an ability to work in almost any different genre, they'll capture the essence of what you want to express to your partner, producing a top quality song that the two of you will want to listen to for the rest of your time together.

Delivered not just on CD, but in a beautifully framed wall display containing both the CD and lyric sheet, this has got to be THE most romantic gift ever! 

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