It’s Hip to Be Square (lights, that is)

Square lights
Lighting is a key element to making or breaking your decor. And if you're having an outdoor event, you need to put adequate lighting at the top of the list as guests banging around in the dark…not a good thing. 

Ms. Lazy Bride here recently planned a wonderful wedding at a private residence. Gorgeous spot, dramatically perched on a cliff high above the Pacific Ocean. Only problem was, there wasn't lighting for 90 guests. We used candles on the tables and had a lighting designer light the other areas around the house but for the dining tables, we came up with this twist on the typical round, paper lanterns. 

Square lampshades out of white fabric.

 Beautiful, practical and different. They gave great light but also added to the overall aesthetic of the decor, which was sleek, chic and modern. We had these custom made but chat with your local rental shop to see what they have available.

Photo courtesy of Dan Power Photography and design by Weddings Costa Rica.

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