Junk Mail Rehab

Is your mailbox getting clogged with junk mail, now that every wedding retailer seemingly has your address? ProQuo is a free service that sets up a personalized dashboard for you so you can choose which publications, coupons, catalogues and circulars you receive (or don’t).

How does it work? In ProQuo’s own words:

“ProQuo acts on your behalf to request the removal of your name from a wide variety of data broker lists, coupon books, catalogs, etc. Depending on the organization, we either electronically fill out a web site form, send an e-mail, direct them to a third-party site, or have the consumer print out and send pre-populated templates. ProQuo follows whatever opt-out procedures the organization requires. It takes one to three months, and will reduce anywhere from 50 percent to 90 percent of junk mail. ProQuo is currently the
No. 1 free site for reducing junk mail and managing catalogs!”

Save a tree and save your sanity!Proquo

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