Keep It Easy

Being you're a lazy bride and all, you've probably got the concept of 'easy' down pat. Keep that motto close to your heart during your wedding planning as you want to make things as stress-free as possible. I know, 'stress free wedding' may sound like an oxymoron (up there with Jumbo shrimp and airline food) but it is possible to cut back on the stress by keeping this guiding principle in mind – avoid divas and drama queens/kings at all costs. That means choosing bridal attendants who will support you, not raise your blood pressure (you know what I'm talking about, the bridesmaid who wants to be the focus of attention) and hiring vendors who are easy to work with.

There are lots of different personalities and levels of talent out there in all professions. And some very talented artists, be they photographers or florists or musicians or planners, are also very difficult to work with. If things are exactly 'so', they'll fly off the handle, create a scene or threaten to walk out. It's like walking on eggshells at all times with these folks, waiting for a possible eruption to occur. Is that what you want to deal with for your wedding?

No matter how 'artistic' or talented a vendor is, there is always someone else who can do an equally wonderful job for you without the dramarama. When interviewing vendors, check your gut. Is it telling you this is someone you can work with, collaborate with and feel at ease with? Or are you getting the feeling you'll need to kowtow to them?

YOU are the client and it's YOUR wedding. You want to be respectful and take the vendors' professional opinions/suggestions into account to ensure your wedding runs smoothly but you should never feel like you're being run roughshod. If you're not feeling the love, maybe it's time to move on to someone else. Life's too short to play into someone else's sense of self-importance and your wedding is not the place for increasing your stress-level.

Keep it easy and be happy.

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