Kooky Cookies

Nowhere is it written ‘thou shall serve cake’ for your wedding. Decent wedding cakes are works of art and require days to make, which means they ain’t cheap. Wether you forego the cake for economic reasons or simply because it doesn’t appeal to you, it is nice to have something sweet to send guests off with.

One option is to have cookies. They’re sweet, they’re easy to eat and they open the door to creative possibilities. Take this couple – the fish cookies were exact replicas of the groom’s tattoos, which were inspired by a painting made for him by a friend. Needless to say, these cookies were the hit of the evening as guests were reduced to squealing school kids when the confectionaries were unveiled.


Cookies, in the hands of a cake artist, can transcend an after-school snack to be mini works of art. Have fun and make them personal. Include the logo of your college, have them reflect your favourite sports or maybe the landmark from where he proposed. Get creative, have fun and don’t be afraid to break the (cake) mold.


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