Lazy Bride Casserole

I stumbled upon this recipe and had to share (and I didn't make this up, I swear!).

It's a Lazy Bride Casserole. The name conjures up images of a 50's housewife gone bad – vacuum cleaner with cobwebs in the corner while she lounges with a bottle of beer in one hand and a trashy bodice-ripper in the other, a Pall Mall dangling from her well-manicured fingers. Sometime around her third martini, she realizes hubby's going to want dinner when he returns from the office so she lazily saunters over to the cupboard and throws a can of this, a dash of that into a casserole dish and calls it a day.

Lazy Bride Casserole
2 lbs stew meat
1 cup carrots
1 can tomato soup (or celery or mushroom)
1 tsp salt
1 Bay leaf 
1 can peas
2 onions, chopped
1 large potato, sliced
1/2 can water

Place all ingredients into a casserole dish. Cover and bake 5 hours at 275 degrees. Remove bay leaf before serving (interesting tidbit – their rough edges are like a miniature knife to the human digestive tract and should therefore NEVER be ingested).

Grab a martini and get cookin'!

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