Lazy ‘n Frugal Guide – Invitations (Multiple Enclosures Part II)

Reception only card

There are a few more options to consider for your invitations, depending on the size and scope of your wedding. If you are having a small and private ceremony but a larger reception, the invitation to the party-only guests would contain information only on the reception. It is mailed in a double envelope along with a response set.

To those guests also invited to the ceremony, a card with the appropriate information about the ceremony would be included with the reception card et al.

If you choose, you can also include a reserved-seating card to close relatives and friends who have priority seating (ie 'within the ribbon') which they can then present to the usher upon arrival at the ceremony site. 
Reserved-seating card
Direction card or map can also be included for out of town guests. The map may contain points of interest, landmarks, favorite shops and restaurants as well as the wedding locations and their phone numbers.
Direction card

How to save money?

Remember that the larger and heavier your invitation packet, the costlier it's postage. The reserved-seating card is not an essential as you can simply inform your ushers whom is to be seated in the first few rows.

You can include the map in the welcome baskets for your visiting guests or even email them a map and list of phone numbers before the wedding.  Or check out Wedding Mapper and create your own interactive map on-line!
Wedding Mapper

Photos courtesy of InStyle Weddings

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