Lazy ‘n Frugal Guide – Invitations (Multiple Enclosures)

Usually, wedding invitations have a number of enclosures, which can seem a bit confusing at first. Let's look at the whole kit 'n caboodle to see what's what.

Garden Invitation
with ceremony only information (time, place, who)

Reception card, with all the 411 on where & when the reception is happening if it's not where the ceremony is taking place. Garden reception card

Garden response card
Response Set
featuring a small card (usually with something along the lines of 'The favor of a reply is requested before XX') as well as a pre-addressed and stamped card. Response date should be two weeks BEFORE your caterer needs a final guest count.

How to save money?

First and foremost, choose the shape, size and weight of your invitations carefully. Single piece mail dimensions are defined as not less than 0.007 of an inch thick and not more than 1/4 of an inch thick (that means the entire final envelope with all your enclosures). Shape is rectangular and not more than 5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide. If you deviate from these measurements, you're going to have to pay more postage and when you think that every additional ounce is an additional 21 cents, the price starts to skyrocket. So be mindful of the shape of your invitation set as well as the weight of the paper stock you're choosing.

Where you purchase your invites will also have a huge impact on your bottomline. Having a designer create a unique paper set for you it going to be a lot more money than purchasing a pre-made design on-line. Check out the following internet shops for unique invites that won't cost an arm and a leg yet look like you had your own personal paper designer:

Invitation photos by Wedding Paper Divas

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