Lazy ‘n Frugal Guide – Photos on Clothesline

Photos on clothesline 2

Looking for a creative and fun way to display photos of you and your beloved? Consider stringing them up on a line with clothespins. Super easy and makes a great impact. For the rehearsal dinner above, we strung twine between bamboo posts planted into the sand and strung small, naked bulbs overhead to illuminate once the sun went down (we use 25 watt bulbs). Since people could walk around both sides, we put photos back to back and pinned them. Huge hit and guests were able to get to know the couple, their families and friends by taking a walk down a pictorial memory lane.

Coloured mini clothespins  Beaucoup has adorable mini-clothespins in different colours  while California Paper Goods has cute natural wooden ones as well. Twine or coloured yarn works well and all you need is something to tie the two ends of the string to. Trees, posts, even pinned to a wall. Just be sure that people have easy access to them and they have proper lighting. Ideal for cocktail hour/photo session, as it gives guests something to do.

Easy on the pocketbook and easy to set up. Perfect! Mini wood clothes pins

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