Lazy ‘n Frugal Guide – Used Wedding Dress

Once Wed dress

Wrapping up our look at wedding dresses for the Lazy 'n Frugal bride, we come to gowns 'previously enjoyed' or 'slightly experienced' or 'befitting Second Hand Rose'. In other words, used.

 What does a bride do with the dress after the Big Day? I think most gals now tend to be more practical than sentimental (afterall, those dresses take up a lot of room and do you really think your daughter would want to wear your wedding dress twenty or thirty years down the road?). Unlike other articles of clothing, it's a pretty sure bet that a used wedding dress has only seen usage for one day. And unless you tell someone it's a 'previously experienced' dress, no one will be the wiser (except you, who has just saved herself a couple of grand, oh brilliant one).

There are a few good websites that feature used dresses along with designer samples and new dresses (some brides have purchased a dress only to find another they 'must' have instead and thus, sell the first dress, often with the tags still attached). Each dress on these sites has detailed descriptions and photos along with sizing info. The following sites have had excellent client feedback:

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