Lazy ‘n Frugal – Submerged Orchid Table Decor

A great lazy 'n frugal idea for your table decor is to submerge a single orchid stem in a cylinder of water. Place one, three or five (remember you always want to work in uneven numbers for decor) running down the centre of your table for an understated, elegant 'Zen' approach to flowers. Add some votive candles to  reflect off the water and voila! – instant ambiance. In this example from a beach side celebration, we placed a bit of sea glass in the vase to add a bit of oceanic whimsy. Orchid & seaglass

The beauty of this idea is that it allows you the 'star' power of exotic orchids yet at a fraction of the price of having them in an arrangement. Play up the rest of the table with top quality linen to create a luxurious setting that only looks like you broke the bank. 

One caveat -when going for the "less is more" approach, be sure to use the best quality items possible as resorting to budget-brands will look like you're just  one step away from paper streamers and balloons. 
Photo courtesy of Richard May Photography. Design by Weddings Costa Rica. 

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