Lazy ‘n Green – In a Tizzy for Teacups

Here's a eco-friendly and economical idea for centrepieces – using teacups as the vase! Pretty as a picture and unexpected, teacups can bring a lot of color and pizzazz to your tabeletop. Perfect for a bridal shower as well.

Garage sales and flea markets are a great place to find teacups and having a variety of colours and designs makes your tables really come alive. Very economical and if they are a little chipped, no worries as just make sure your arrangements cover the damaged area. Perhaps your or your family collects teacups – what a wonderful way to incorporate a very personal touch into your wedding. 

Due to their small size, your flowers will need to be likewise (and this saves $$). Small potted plants or bulbs can play double-duty as decor and guest favors that will be truly appreciated. 

As these photos attest, teacups can work in a variety of decor themes, ranging from minimalist to romantic to country casual. Hmm, think it's time for a cuppa…

Flowers in teacup board

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