Lazy ‘n Green – Menu Tips

Making your wedding meal eco-friendly is a lot easier than you may think. Here are a few tips to make your big celebration a happier one for Mother Earth:

* serve organic chocolate, coffee and sugar – these staples are often grown in developing countries, using a number of pesticides not allowed in North America. And workers often have deplorable conditions. By choosing organic (which is often fair trade as well), you're helping the environment as well as the people who have toiled in the fields. Organic/fair trade chocolate companies include Dagoba, Sweet Earth, and Green & Black's. For coffee, check out Fair Coffee, Organic Coffee Cartel and Grounds for Change. Check out Heavenly Sugar for organic sugar as well as the aisles at your favourite organic food store

* avoid over-fished fish – a lot of seafood on the menu is also on the endangered list or caught using destructive and wasteful practices. Avoid swordfish, bluefin tuna, shark, skate, marlin, monkfish, Dover Sole, Atlantic Halibut, corvina,  haddock, tropical prawns, Atlantic cod and plaice. Check out Seafood Watch for more info. If you serve salmon, ask that it have the Salmon Safe label, indicating that the fish comes from certified locations.

* buy magnums of alcohol/wine – if you are bringing in your own alcohol, opt for the largest bottles to help cut down on packaging. Added bonus is you'll save money as well!

* skip dessert – if you're serving cake, consider skipping the dessert as few people will eat both. Better for the waistline and the pocketbook as well.

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