Let Them Eat (a Giant Version of Me) Cake

Righty-o, here we go with big a 'what were they thinking'??? Although it's not really a tip (other than DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ONE), I saw this over at Cake Wrecks and had to share. Take a look at this…

Bridal cake
A wedding cake that is a lifesized lookalike of the bride – every detail lovingly captured in fondant, right down to her earrings and hairclip. The detail work is really quite something (kudos for the artistry) but, as my father was wont to say, this gal's got all her taste in her mouth. Obviously, the cake was REALLY important to her and one can only begin to imagine how much that…thing cost. Wow. It's mindnumbing in its complexity and incredibility that someone would a) come up with this idea b) find someone to pull it off and c) nobody tried to stop this trainwreck (MOB, bridesmaid, anyone?). 

This catapults egomania to astonishing new levels. "It's my day and it's all about ME ME ME" takes on a whole new meaning. It looks like Ms. Bride is rethinking her choice, however, since she seems to be giving herself (well, the cake version) the old evil eye, like "girlfriend, you're looking prettier 'n a whole lot sweeter than me". Yes, what WERE you thinking?!

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