Making a List…

List making may not be at the top of a Lazy Bride's non-existent list (hmm, wrote myself into a corner on that one) but lists are the be all to making your life simple and sane (says I). Although my lists tend to be on a cocktail napkin or whatever scrap of paper I can scrounge up from the depths of my purse (seriously, you do NOT want to know what I've stooped to writing on), I have found a Lazy Bride's Nirvana. Yes folks, we have a winner…

Pre-made lists!! How Lazy is that?!  We don't even have to put a thought process into 'hmm, what should I write on this list' as it's already been done for us! And not just for weddings but for every aspect of our lives, from groceries to pets to green living to what to buy for Hallowe'en trick or treaters. Gotta luv it.

Thanks to Simply Checklists for coming to the rescue of every Lazy Bride (and Lazy Gal). Simply download the lists, print them off and voila. You're good to go forth and conquer. Saving time = saving money and these days, that's not just being lazy that's being super smart.

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