Making an Entrance

Groom on horse
Is your groom a bit adventurous? Looking to create a memorable entrance that will have folks talking for days? Nothing says 'romance' like a man on a horse. Of course, this would be applicable only to outdoor weddings as I doubt the local church would be keen on having equine 'momentos' in a place of worship.

A recent wedding saw the groom (who had trekked across mountains in Mongolia on horseback for a week) ride down the beach and up to the ceremony site astride a white horse. Impressive to say the least. Really, how do you top that entrance? It's like a King Arthur legend and the end of Top Gun all rolled into one. Swoon!

However, there are a few caveats. An old saying in showbiz goes 'never work with animals or children'. Good advice, since both can be highly unpredictable. This jaw-dropping entrance should only be attempted by an experienced rider (and no, the pony rides at the fair don't count) and the beast in question must be very well-trained and not easily spooked. Only attempt this in a horse-friendly location (nothing worse than having a security guard going berserk on you during the wedding). And, of course, make sure the riding time is as short as possible as you don't want a sweaty, horsey-smelling groom standing up there with you at the altar. 

Any other fabbo ideas for how to make an entrance? Do share!

Photo courtesy of Dan Power Photography

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  1. I saw a great exit at a wedding recently. The wedding was on the water, in the evening, and a barge pulled in just offshore. The bride walked the groom out to the water’s edge, at which point the barge started shooting off a stream of amazing fireworks. Then the couple got in a boat for a short cruise around the water.

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