MIM(E) – Address Stamp

Wood handle address stamp
Although the envelope of your invitation may seem trivial, it is the very first glimpse into your wedding. The paper, the font, the printing, the design, even the stamp used, all speak volumes about the type of affair to expect. We live in a multimedia society, trained to sum up whether something is worth our time or not by the look of the package, the design of the website, even the font used. In a split second, our brains make a judgment call of yes or no.

Big responsibility for a little envelope. 

Personalized hand stamp

Little details instantly pique curiosity and a unique handstamped return address is sure to be noticed. These traditional wood handle address stamps from Note Trunk are adorable (and under $20). Two little love birds announce your love about to take flight (ahh). Stamping by hand is an extra step in putting your envelopes together and while not very lazy, there is something special about a hand stamped address. 

Cute, affordable and you can use it after the wedding (until you move, of course).

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