MIM(E) – Barrel of Monkeys Seating Cards

I recently planned a wedding where the bride was a monkey veterinarian (really!). She and the groom had a wonderful sense of humour and playfulness about them so having a Barrel of Monkeys as seating cards made perfect sense. And since the wedding was in the midst of the rainforest and home to three species of monkeys, it was absolutely perfect. 

Barrel of Monkeys seating cards photo

We took twine, tied it between posts and wrapped ivy around it to create a 'vine'. The monkeys held the tags with each guest's name and their table assignment (tables were named after monkey species or airplanes, since the groom was a pilot). A great way to personalize the wedding, by featuring the couple's professions in a unique way.

And the monkeys were awesome props for the ring shots. All photos from the wildly creative emilie inc.

Barrel of Monkeys ring shot

What creative way are you highlighting your interests in your wedding?

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