MIM(E) – Bathroom Baskets

Placing baskets filled with 'essentials' in the bathrooms at your reception site is a little touch that not only shows you care for your guests' well being but also a detail that will have folks talking about how you thought of everything. This is something so easy, even for the laziest of brides, that I'm surprised bathroom baskets have not become de rigeur

How to Make:

Take two baskets (one for each bathroom). You may want to put a fabric liner inside and/or add a bit of decor (sprig of flowers, bow) to dress them up a bit. 

Add in the following to both (many of these little, individually-wrapped items can be found at large drugstores):

breath mints
small scissors
pain relievers (Tylenol, aspirin, Advil)
antihistamine (like Tavist Allergy)
eye drops
saline solution (sample pack size)
pocket-package of Kleenex
safety pins
spray deodorant
mending kit (like you get at hotels)
shoe shine cloth
few AA batteries
Tide To Go pens or Shout Wipes
few black combs (for the guys)

In the women's basket, add in the following:

emery board
tampons and pads 
travel-sized hair spray
clear nail polish
hair pins (both dark and light coloured)

Try to arrange everything in the basket so there is some order and people can easily see what is in there.

I also like to place a 'smelly' candle in each bathroom, as an unexpected touch. And, if you're feeling especially sassy, toss some rose petals into the urinal (that'll get the guys talking). Remember, it's the little unexpected details that make an event memorable.

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