MIM(E) – Donations in Lieu of Favours

-5824 Giving small favours to guests is something that more and more couples are opting not to include as part of their wedding for a variety of reasons, ranging from budget concerns to the ecology. If you'd like to include some type of 'thank you' to your guests but really don't want to purchase some kind of tchotchke, consider making a donation instead. Perhaps there is an organization that has played an important role in your life, if you or someone in your family has been touched by a disease, like diabetes or cancer or MS . If you're an animal lover, perhaps you can sponsor some animals at a no-kill shelter or help the SPCA or WSPA with their ongoing support of animals worldwide. Another idea for Nature lovers is to plant trees, a lovely tribute to the continual growth of your love (Tree Canada, American Forests). The possibilities are practically endless – the most important thing is to choose a recipient that signifies something important to you as a couple.

One caveat – steer clear of political or military groups or any organization that may be viewed as controversial (reproductive rights, same-sex, right to life, even PETA given their stand on fur), as the last thing you want is to antagonize any of your guests. A wedding is a time for inclusion and making a 'stand' on an issue is simply not appropriate.20080326AA-197

You do not have to disclose the amount you are donating. A simple card at the guest book table or a small card at each place setting making the announcement of 'A donation to the XX organization has been made in your honour' is sufficient.

Making a donation is a beautiful way to share the joy of your day and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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