MIM(E) – Fire Jugglers

Murphy fire jugglers
There aren't too many things that have the 'ooh' factor of a band of fire jugglers. Really, I mean what can possibly top people tossing about flaming hoops or balancing large rings 'o fire on their noses? Impressive, to say the least.

Adding a bit of 'wow' to your wedding is easy with a talented troupe of performers. Keep it short (no more than 20 minutes or so) and be sure to time it so your guests have had time to eat, mingle, dance and enjoy a bit first. 

Be sure to check with your venue about their fire regulations first (obviously, this is strictly out-of-doors).  The performers usually have a non-fire option, such as glow-in-the-dark juggling clubs and other non-flamey tricks up their sleeves that will still entertain if they have to perform inside.

Rehearsal dinners are a great venue for something like this as well but just be sure that you have something equally as memorable for the wedding reception as you never want the night before to trump the wedding itself.

Have fun and get creative. Make your wedding the 'fun' one people remember having a really great time at.

Photo courtesy of Dan Power Photography

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