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Kids table 1
Are you expecting a number of kids at your wedding and stressing over how to keep them occupied? Consider having a kid's table, where the rugrats are made to feel extra special.

Here's how…

Cover the table with paper (tape large sheets together and then place the untaped side on the table like a giant table cloth). 

Fill colourful beach pails or clay flower pots with age-appropriate toys. Crayons, washable markers and stickers encourage creative (and quiet) play. Include small games, puzzles, Legos, cars, Play-Doh kits, dolls- even musical instruments. Make sure that the toys are safe (if you have little ones three or under, no small parts that can accidentally choke them). 
Kids table 3

You may also assign a pail for every child, filled with toys just for them, and place the pail at their seat with a name card attached. Kids table 4

For the centrepiece, a fun idea is to place a styrofoam ball in a large clay flower pot and then cover the ball with candies and suckers like a giant candy flower.

Parents will love you for keeping the kids busy, the kids will love you for making them feel like VIPs and you'll love having all your guests truly enjoying their evening. As one bride told me, "You should have seen the faces of the kids at the end of the reception when I told them they could keep everything! It was a second Christmas and I felt like Santa Claus!"

Doesn't get much better than that 🙂
Kids table 2

Photos courtesy El Velo Photography

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