MIM(E) – Sand Dollar Seating Cards

I'm a sucker for seating cards (in case you haven't noticed). They are a small detail that can make a big impact without crushing the budget. In my opinion, what makes a wedding truly memorable isn't how much the flower budget was or if the dinner was nine-courses or if Shakira performed the first dance (well, OK, that would be a highlight). It's the little touches that make folks go 'hmm, that's cool'.

Sand dollars
Case in point – for an elegant beach wedding, we had the wonderful Laura Hooper write on real sand dollars, which we then placed in a 'sand box'. It was an unexpected touch that had guests talking.

Photo courtesy of Dan Power Photography

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  1. I’m doing sand dollars too, what did you use to write on the sand dollars? That would be great info – the writing is beautiful, what a wonderful idea!

  2. They were a few inches across (like 5 I think?). I have another wedding this weekend and we’re tying the name cards with a ribbon through the little slit on the sand dollar, so that’s another option.

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