MIM(E) – Sculpted Hand Soaps

Sculpted hand soaps

It's a super little detail but one that packs a pretty big 'wow' factor. Imagine your guests' reactions when they go to wash their hands in the washroom and find beautifully sculpted hand soaps for their use. What a thoughtful detail! Add in a basket of small hand towels or face cloths (and a basket on the ground for the dirty ones to be tossed into) and you've got a 5-star bathroom.

These soaps from Origami Boxes are hand crafted using super-rich shea butter. Various colours, designs and scents are available so you can totally colour-coodinate or theme-coordinate your wedding, right down to the tiniest detail. 

And at only $2.50 each, this is an affordable luxury. Makes for a nice guest favour as well since they come in beautiful origami boxes.

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