MIM(E) – Water Bar

Water bar
With summer weddings approaching, I thought I'd share this refreshing (and cost-effective) idea along. If you're having an outdoor wedding, why not offer guests a water bar to quench their thirst?

Offer still water infused with cucumber slices. Have fresh herbs like basil, mint or thyme in pretty vases as well as fresh cut fruit, like limes, lemons and starfruit. Chill a bottle of sparkling water (like Perrier or San Pelegrino) in a wine cooler made out of ice with fresh flowers suspended within for a pretty touch.Infusion jar  Add a touch of orchids to the handles of the water pitchers. Infusion jars with spouts are perfect to display the infused water. 

For this beachside wedding, we had a bamboo canopy theme and had one made for the water bar.

Water bar canopy

It's an interactive and unusual twist to the welcome cocktail. Guests can infuse their water with different taste sensations and try something they've likely not had before. Best of all, it's affordable. Remember, the 'wow' factor is created by innovation, not necessarily spending tons of money.

Wedding photos by Dan Power Photography

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