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Christmas Tree stamp  If you've been reading wedding magazines and blogs, the name Laura Hooper is likely not new to you. Laura is the wonderfully talented calligrapher and illustrator who is the darling of the wedding world. Her work has a fresh, fun approach that resonates with many couples and she is wonderfully professional. I speak from personal experience as her work writing on sand dollars for one of my clients was impeccable and the packing was incredible – not a single breakage, despite the box traveling from California to New York to Costa Rica. We're Engaged stamp  

Laura has created a new line of postage stamps at Zazzle (yes, they are honest to goodness stamps you can lick, stick and send a letter off with). Lots of fun designs, from Christmas trees ('tis the season) to Save the Date to Weddings. They are super cute and can also be personalized. What a wonderful detail to share your style!

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  1. i really like personalized stamps! My dad has one that he uses all the time that has a picture of him and his dog on it — it makes me chuckle every time I get a letter from him!

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