MIM(E) – Wine Charms As Seating Cards

Using everyday items in unexpected ways is what makes a detail interesting. Take this idea we used at a wedding recently, for example. We took wine charms from Crate & Barrel and used them as seating cards on the welcome cocktails. Each wine charm corresponded with the table number the guest was seated at. Not only was the presentation impressive (the blue cocktails surrounding the vase of blue water spilling over with orchids) but guests had a nice little memento from the wedding to take with them. And it was a detail that they remembered. 

Photos courtesy of Dan Power Photography

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  1. What a fabulous idea, I love it! I made wine charms for my friend’s shower last year…they turned out great but MAN was it work! I guess it would have helped if I had used less beads (I put about 20 or so beads on each ring).
    I like this idea so much better, I think – use less beads, takes up less time, still as adorable as ever! Great post.

  2. Thanks Jaime!
    I cannot begin to imagine making such complicated wine charms (kudos to you!).
    These were a big hit with everyone and they were easy and affordable.
    Thanks so much again!

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