One-of-a-Kind Welcome Bags

It’s a bit of work, to be sure, but welcoming your out-of-towners with a thoughtful bag of goodies, waiting for them at their hotel, tells them ‘hey, thanks for coming and we’re really glad you made it!”. A few local items (such as salt water taffy if you’re in Atlantic City or macadamia nuts if you’re in Hawaii), some snacks, a map, maybe a beer or two from a local brewery and a short note, along with a schedule of events and important phone numbers, is all you need.

Put everything into a bag and voila – done! Great options for customized bags can be found at Favors You Keep. They have a variety of bags with city skylines, such as NYC, Houston, LA and Boston to name but a few. Other designs range from cartoon bride and grooms to cacti or palm trees. They’ll even print your names and wedding date.



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