10 Things A Maid Of Honor Should Never Do

Listen up, ladies – this is directed at those lucky gals who have been chosen to be the Maid (or Matron) of Honor. And it is an honor! Out of all the girls the bride knows, she’s chosen you to be her right-hand girl (literally). She trusts you above everyone else to get her down […]

Lazy Bride Live – Answering Your Wedding Planning Questions!

Planning a wedding is traipsing through unknown territory and can feel like you’re climbing Mount Everest without a map or a sherpa or an oxygen tank. And while it’s unlikely you’ll end up a popsicle on the side of the trail, it’s no less stress-inducing. You’ve got enough going on, juggling budgets, cranky bridesmaids and […]

The Lazy Bride’s Wedding Planning Binder

We all know that the trick to being a Lazy Bride is being an organized bride (a stitch in time and all that). And the key to staying organized is having the tools you need at your finger tips. I’m excited to announce that I’ve pulled ALL of my Lazy Bride™ planning tools together to […]

Check Out our Advice in Martha Stewart Weddings

  We’re doing a little happy dance here at Lazy Bride headquarters, as we’ve been featured not once but TWICE in one week as a wedding expert over at Martha Stewart Weddings. Talk about a good thing! First, we offer up our suggestion on what to do after you’ve said “yes” and he put a […]

Free Wedinar – 3 Critical Keys to Slay Planning Overwhelm

  Did you know that it takes 250 hours to plan a wedding? That’s a monster amount of time (the equivalent of working 40 hours a week for 7 weeks – yikes!). Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart, given the time, money, effort and tip-toeing through emotional landmines it requires. But fear […]

Questions for Your Wedding Photographer

Photo by A Brit & A Blonde Capturing your wedding day for posterity is a huge responsibility. Besides your significant other, the photos are the one thing from the wedding you’ll have for years to come. My advice is to always hire the best wedding photographer you can afford. And I speak from personal experience […]

All You Need For Your Wedding Bar

Along with food, drinks are a key component to a successful celebration. Regardless if you’re serving lemonade or Dom Perignon, the universal rule is to keep the cold drinks flowing without a wait time at the bar. Beyond that, however, things can seem a bit more confusing as you contemplate what to serve at the […]

Wedding Catering Made Simple

Photo by jennysmithandco.com Wedding catering is a major component to any wedding celebration, with food and drink accounting for a large part of the overall costs. Not surprisingly, it’s part of the wedding budget that can cause angst and uncertainty  – after all, how often are any of us throwing a dinner for 50 or more […]

24 Ways to Be a Fab Wedding Guest

So, how’s the planning going, my dear LBs? Guests driving you a bit mad by not RSVPing or insisting on bringing the entire brood to your adult-only dinner reception? Fear not, as help is at hand! Here is an article I wrote for Huffington Post on how to be a good guest. Feel free to […]

How To Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Getting married is all about celebrating a couple coming together in love. Sunshine and rainbows, right? Not to be a Debbie Downer, but all those parties can have a negative impact on the environment. Making a few adjustments to your bridal shower and wedding can help minimize your footprint on Mother Earth. Eco-friendly events are […]