5 Ways to Bring Bling to Your Wedding

Your wedding is your time to shine…literally! Bringing in some bling will make you feel like a princess (who doesn’t love a little crystal and rhinestones to brighten things up). We’ve rounded up five shining examples of easy and affordable ways to incorporate affordable crystal and rhinestone decor into your wedding day that won’t cost […]

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Today we’re talking shoes – a subject that is near and dear to my heart (and I’m sure you’s as well!). When it comes to your wedding shoes, you want a pair that looks great, feels great and works for your wedding venue. Unfortunately, finding shoes that meet all those criteria can be a bit […]

5 Free Sanity Saving Wedding Planning Tools

Wedding planning. It’s like trying to roll a massive boulder up Mount Everest but not nearly as fun. Or at least that’s how it can seem most days. So many tasks, so much money, so many ideas, so many guests – how on earth is a Lazy Bride expected to keep track of it all […]

Cocktail Friday – Virgin White Sangria

Mmm, a virgin white sangria recipe to have us dreaming of Spain! Just because a drink is ‘virgin’ doesn’t mean it needs to be boring to the tastebuds. Check out this White Sangria, perfect for a Sunday brunch or as a pre-ceremony thirst quencher. I love Sangria and my last trip to Spain had me […]

Wedding Day Back Up – Plan LB

Although your wedding day is the most important day of your life (possibly), it’s just another day to the Universe, which means you need to get into Boy Scout mode and be prepared. In life, we have insurance premiums, and for weddings, we have Plan B (or, Plan LB for the Lazy Bride). Sounds like […]

Wedding Location – Destination

So far we’ve explored having your wedding at a hotel, restaurant, house and a unique location. Wrapping up our location series, we turn now to destination weddings. Marrying in an exotic locale has a number of advantages, including being kind to your budget. Whether your dream is to marry barefoot on a beach or in […]

Choosing Your Wedding Location – House

This was a house wedding that went all out, with a dance floor, lighting and fireworks.  Where you have your wedding will definitely have a major impact on your budget so be sure to choose carefully, taking all the additional costs (such as site fees, rental items, overtime charges) into account. We’ve already explored hosting […]

Choosing Your Wedding Location – Hotel

Photo from Four Seasons Hotels are one of the more popular spots to host a wedding reception and with good reason – they make it pretty easy for everyone involved. Guests can stay right there (especially important for out of town guests or if you’re having a destination wedding). Hotels are equipped to handle events […]

Choosing Your Wedding Location – Restaurant

Photo from Jump Restaurant Next up on our location list are restaurants, which can make for a super cool reception location. They are usually best suited for small – medium sized weddings. By choosing a spot that has great decor and atmosphere, you can save yourself a lot of money on flowers and other decorations. […]

Choosing Your Wedding Location – Unique Venues

Photo from Brenda’s Blog Thinking outside the box can potentially save you money on your wedding. If you’re open to it, consider holding your wedding in a location other than a church, synagogue, hotel or restaurant. Places like a vineyard, zoo, historic site, forest, country club, art gallery, museum or even a library have all […]