Luggage Tags with Pizzazz

Maybe because I'm packing to take off on a holiday tomorrow (Canada, which is exotic if you're coming from Costa Rica), but these luggage tags caught my fancy. And what fun for the new Mrs. to adorn her honeymoon bags with! Here comes the bride and don't touch her suitcase mistah! Make sure you avoid […]

Damask – It’s All the Rage

It's not quite a trend but it's on the cusp. Damask, once relegated to your grandma's wallpaper in the parlor has suddenly become the decor de jour. Over on Junebug Weddings, today's blog was all about damask – wallpaper, fabric, drapes. It's all there and in a variety of funky colors. Love it.   Over […]


The mere mention of the word is enough to strike fear into the hearts of bridesmaids, grooms and wedding planners everywhere. Although a Bridezilla is not technically a 30-foot tall lizard breathing fire, wearing a veil and trashing Tokyo, she just seems like it. Personally, I think the word is a fun euphemism for a […]


Now that I have your attention, I wanted to send a big lazy 'thanx' to The Adventures of Boozergirl, a sassy little blog about 'a dodgeball playing vixen with stories galore.'  She featured our little ole blog today, saying that it's become one of her favorites, and she's not even a bride!  We're touched. A […]

Get Bustling

The one oft over-looked yet stressing part of being a bride is bustling the dress. I've seen brides spend almost half an hour enduring five women sticking their hands up under her skirt trying to figure how the heck to bustle the darn thing. What's a bustle and why should you care? Simply put, a […]

Balloons – Really!

I'll say it right off the bat – balloons and weddings don't mix. In my opinion, an arch covered in balloons or balloons hovering over a reception table brings a wedding to the level of a kiddie's birthday party or into the realms of Fred & Edna's Trailer Park.  However…large balloons in the right hands […]

Toss the Bouquet Toss

Here's an idea for brides who don't have a lot of single friends or just want to give the bouquet toss a miss (lately, I've noticed single gals during the whole toss treat the bouquet like it's a flaming ball o' tar and run away from it). It's a tradition Turkish brides have done for […]

Let Them Eat (a Giant Version of Me) Cake

Righty-o, here we go with big a 'what were they thinking'??? Although it's not really a tip (other than DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ONE), I saw this over at Cake Wrecks and had to share. Take a look at this… A wedding cake that is a lifesized lookalike of the bride – every detail lovingly […]

Instant Recall

I'm so overjoyed by this discovery, I'm hopping like a mad March Hare (that's a good thing). Lazy Brides – this one's for us! Say goodbye to your Post It's and say hello to reQall, a wonderful new application that helps you remember all the things you need.  How it works is simplicity itself. Say […]

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Although the Fashion Gods dictate that white shall not be worn after Labor Day or to a wedding (unless you're the bride), some couples are throwing tradition to the wind and having EVERYONE wear white. And you know, it looks really nice. Here's a shot from a beach wedding we did where the flowers, decor […]